Ridley Bronson offers fresh take on classic house with ‘Flex my Drip’

Rising electronic music sensation Ridley Bronson has once again captivated the music world with his latest release, “Flex my Drip”. The single artfully fuses classic house elements, such as the four-on-the-floor kick, chopped vocals, and minor chords, with innovative sound choices and cutting-edge production techniques. Bronson’s ability to infuse the track with heavier drums, unique rhythms, and almost pop-inspired synths breathes new life into the timeless genre, keeping it fresh and relevant to the current music landscape.

In crafting “Flex my Drip” Ridley Bronson employs a range of creative production elements and tools that set the track apart and enthralled long-time house music fans. One standout technique he utilizes, commonly found in pop music mixing, involves automating the master track to gradually shift from stereo to mono prior to the drop. Additionally, Bronson expertly uses the “wall of sound” technique by layering multiple drums playing the same sound, resulting in thick, impactful drums that reverberate powerfully through club speakers and even on tiny phone speakers.

To ensure a natural, human feel, he avoids quantizing the drums, allowing for a subtle swing that keeps the dance floor moving. Additionally, the careful use of drum loops, swung on the grid, adds depth and texture to the track, creating a captivating sonic experience for his audience. Speaking on his approach to this single, he says “Long-time house music fans will appreciate the absence of sound effects and the focus on groovy drums, catchy melodies, and a memorable vocal hook.”

Ridley Bronson views himself as a forerunner in electronic music, daring to explore unexplored realms with his unique style. He strives to weave a rich tapestry of influences into his music by borrowing inspiration from many genres, both old and contemporary, while remaining faithful to the essence of a high-energy cut.

Featured image: Ridley Bronson