The Chainsmokers, Drake, Post Malone feature on 'Forbes' highest-paid celebrities 2020 list

Ever since the global EDM boom, there has been fervent fascination with the income of newly crowned superstar DJs. Suddenly, purveyors who made their living in the shadows of smoky clubs are now receiving the same attention as rockstars and athletes and the paychecks they command.

Names like Calvin Harris, Avicii, Steve Aoki, and Skrillex would previously dominate the annual Forbes list, though in 2020 a different crop of star-studded talent is rising through the highest-paid celebrity ranks. Topping the list by far is Kylie Jenner, pulling a whopping $590 million with her brother-in-law Kanye West in second place with $170 million. Highest up on the list in the realm of dance music are The Chainsmokers, landing the number 21 spot with $68 million earned. Other musicians include Elton John with $81 million, Ariana Grande pulling in $72 million, The Jonas Brothers with $68.5 million, Post Malone with a cool $60 million, and Drake nearby with $49 million.

According to Forbes, COVID-19 caused a near $200 million drop in total income on the list. Seeing as how 2020 isn’t yet half way over, the question remains how the pandemic will further affect celebrity earnings in the future.

Via: Forbes

Featured image: Rukes