The Weeknd shares new ‘Gasoline’ visual, confirms ‘Dawn FM’ is second LP of a trilogy

The Weeknd has turned in a brand new visual for “Gasoline” from his brooding fifth studio album, Dawn FM. Beating an aged version of himself to a bloody pulp as the thumping, erotically charged atmosphere of the club floor envelops him, The Weeknd shares another masterful glimpse into his latest creative vision, as he navigates the grey space between this life and the next.

After Hours followed the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-esque experience of a wild night out, pulling influence from films like Joker, Casino and Uncut Gems. The red-pigmented record from Abel Tesfaye ended with him broken and bleeding. Its successor, Dawn FM, picks up right where After Hours left off, with Tesfaye stuck in traffic as he made his way into the light with a soothing radio show hosted by none other than Jim Carrey.

An informed listen through Dawn FM makes it clear that there’s more to be desired, bridging the gap between the last record, while clearly alluding to the next. The Weeknd confirmed on social media that fans are in the midst of a trilogy—and if After Hours and Dawn FM are any indication, the end of the trilogy is likely to be another conceptual masterpiece.

Featured image: The Weeknd via Instagram

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