TWO LANES release expressive new album ‘Duality’

Electronica duo TWO LANES, Berlin-based brothers Leo and Rafa, creates their distinctive sound by blending acoustic piano recordings with analog synthesizers and minimal beat elements. They’ve cultivated a dedicated fanbase both domestically and abroad, notably with their expansive Reflections EP, which delves into various genres, from neoclassical and ambient to melodic techno.

Their new album ‘Duality’ follows in ‘Reflections’ footsteps, taking an immersive sonic journey bathed in the atmospheric hues of chill electronic and melodic techno, an album both reflective and deeply stirring. Showcasing the duo’s talent for detailed composition and emotional depth, tracks like “Realization” make a powerful impression with a dramatic piano opening that encourages deep contemplation. “Elements” artfully combines arpeggio effects, rudimentary percussion, and minor chord integrations, while “Healing” subtly weaves together delicate vocal snippets and enticing horn effects, maintaining a calming, chilled ambiance throughout. “Organism” stands as a testament to the duo’s skill in crafting subtly shifting sonic landscapes, with its unhurried tempo and purely instrumental arrangement. These tracks are just a taste of Duality, an album that boasts twelve emotionally resonant pieces.