Zeds Dead returns to Altered States with dark techno single ‘Aftertaste’

Canadian electronic music duo Zeds Dead has returned to their Altered States record label with a brand new collaborative single titled “Aftertaste.” The track, featuring fellow Canadians HNTR and AIDN, sees the duo stepping out of their signature sweet spots and embracing a darker techno-inspired sound. As the Afterlife life sound continues to work its way into all spaces of dance music, it’s clear that artists from all genres want to adapt and make sense of their own melodic techno translations.

While Zeds Dead is best known for their heavy bass-ridden music, the duo is prone to producing tracks of any genre. “Aftertaste” showcases their perpetual willingness to experiment and push boundaries. The single is a testament to their taste-making abilities and their continued relevance in the ever-evolving dance music space. Fans of Zeds Dead will be eager to hear the evolution of their sound, while the underground scene will be satiated by the oddly frenetic energy of the tune. Stream “Aftertaste” below.

Featured image: Shutterfinger