Tory Lanez To Supply Texas Victims With His Own Water Brand

Tory Lanez recently called on celebrities and artists alike to band together to help the people of Texas. Over the past month, Texans have suffered from the aftermath of freezing temperatures due to a winter snowstorm. In addition to lives being lost, Texas found their homes to be damaged, many lost electricity, lack of access to clean drinking water, and more.

The Canadian native recently announced on Twitter that he is not only helping Texas but supplying them with his own water.

“Thankful to say I officially just CREATED MY OWN *ALKALINE WATER* BRAND ….. ‘Umbrella Water’, he started. “THE FIRST THING IM DOING IS GOING TO TEXAS AND DELIVERING A WHOLE BUNCH OF CASES TO THE PEOPLE IN NEED … sh*t y’all ain’t got water … I’ll make it .. and bring it.”

With his new initiative underway, Tory Lanez further embraces the role as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. There is no timeline as to the execution, but we hope to see the plan come to fruition very soon.

The versatile artist continues to battle his case in the alleged shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion. Lanez was recently denied his gag order request after filing motion to speak on the case in public. Following the incident, many fans, celebrities, and associates of the two began to comment. We’ll continue to monitor as it plays out in court.