Anjeza – The Latin Urban Artist Who Is Breaking Glass Ceilings and Not Wearing Glass Shoes

“Can’t be done”, “too far”, “impossible” are myths for some women who built their names above the burnt ashes of their own phoenix. The refining journey of their life has only brought to life a masterpiece sculpture of Michelangelo.

Meet ANJEZA- the Euro American artist that sings latin urban music with such confidence and fire, one can easily assume she is a latin native. After living a very young nomad lifestyle, searching for growth and identity – she landed in Los Angeles. Ca, where she fell in love with latin urban music- Reggaeton flamenco. The marriage of both worlds had it all – the unity of classical with modern, the street style with authenticity, the strength with fluidity, the passion with reality.

Building an identity from the challenges of the life she was given to live and observe, created in her the woman of glassy ceilings and not of glass shoes. With a background in dance, acting, writing, and motivational speaking ANJEZA sings and writes her way to breaking objectified typecasts of women in the urban music industry.

Her songs “Ninguna Como Yo” , “Ahora Quien No Te Quiere Soy Yo”, “Quédate” and “Sola” speak of strong women rewriting history. While the music genre is very limited in empowering female artists, ANJEZA stands for breaking those objectifying praises that women are just a tool of temporary pleasures, delivering in this way what the urban genre is lacking – RESPECT for women.

Often told that “the glass shoes are the only way to get heard and supported”, she insists in cracking and breaking glassy ceilings through her music.

“We are feeding the world junk food that they were taught to enjoy, while deep inside they seek to get healthy” – she says about the derogatory work of many music artists in the eye of the storm.

Unbreakable- unstoppable- uncompromised are few of the characteristics of ANJEZA, a female artist that is here to stay and make history.

Her recent music video is a statement on its own 


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