Balthazar & JackRock Unveils New EP ‘Prana Flow’

Bulgarian legends Balthazar & JackRock hit Filth on Acid with their latest EP, ‘Prana Flow’.

The EP kicks off with ‘Tension’, a track that pulls you into acid soundscapes and builds relentless, spine-tingling anticipation for an unforgettable experience. Next up is ‘Serpentine’, blending rich melodic basses with irresistible tones for a unique and immersive vibe. ‘Samsara’ follows with ethereal vocals and a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere that takes you on a mesmerising journey. ‘Aria Inferno’ cranks up the energy with its big room feel and powerful operatic vocals, creating an otherworldly scene. Lastly, ‘Out of Space’ wraps up ‘Prana Flow’ with a playful mix of underground-infused techno, making for a vibrant and thrilling finish. Balthazar & JackRock’s ‘Prana Flow’ EP showcases their innovative style and mastery of electronic music, adding a fresh and exciting twist to the techno scene.