Benzino Blasts Busta Rhymes/Coi Leray Video: ‘Don’t Do No Video with My Daughter Half-Naked’

Benzino has smoke for Busta Rhymes after he released a new video, “Luxury Life,” with Coi Leray. The single will appear on the Blockbusta album.

Hitting Instagram Live, Benzino had a message for Busta, stating he should have reached out for the collaboration.

“The whole Busta Rhymes collaboration, he should have reached out to me,” Benzino said. “You don’t do no video with my daughter half-naked. You a grown ass fucking man. He should have reached out to me and said something. But it is what is. She’s grown, she can do what she want. But I wasn’t with that. All I can do is have my opinions from afar. Once they reach a certain age, it doesn’t matter what I think.”


You can hear it below.

You can see the full video below.