Riordan Mixes The Old With The New Via ‘Needle On The Record’

Riordan, a name rapidly gaining recognition in the UK house music scene, is all set to unveil his latest single “Needle on the Record” this week. Set to release on November 10th under Gorgon City’s label “Realm,” the track is not just a song, but a milestone in Riordan’s evolving career.

This UKG-inspired number showcases Riordan’s flair for blending house with edgy garage breakbeats and synths, a style that’s becoming his signature. But what’s more intriguing is the story behind the track. Riordan’s journey from being a 16-year-old awed by Gorgon City’s live performance to releasing his track on their label feels like a story out of a fairytale for any aspiring DJ.

“Needle on the Record” has already made waves in the festival circuit this year and has been the most requested ID in Riordan’s career. It’s a testament to his growth and the respect he’s garnered from industry peers like Mau P, Seb Zito, and Kyle Watson. The track’s genesis – from an 80s song suggested by his dad to a refined final version after six months – reflects Riordan’s commitment to his art.

But Riordan is more than just his latest track. Since his breakout with the 2022 Latin-infused hit “No Hablo Espanol,” he’s been on a steady ascent. The track not only put him on the map but also brought a dedicated team on board to navigate his career. His viral TikTok hit “Reflection” and the collaboration “La Samba” with Wax Motif on Nervous Records further solidified his position in the music scene.

Looking ahead to 2024, Riordan seems ready to dominate the scene. With “Needle on the Record” leading the charge and a host of festival ID’s in his arsenal, this 21-year-old British talent is shaping up to be the next big thing in house music.