Industry Vet Don Cannon and CEO Kayla Shelton Introduce ‘TmrO’ Geared To The Modern Creative”

The media industry is ever-changing and there aren’t many places where you can find everything in one hub. CEO’s Kayla Shelton & Don Cannon have found a way to insert the missing link to solve the puzzle. With a deep background in music and styling, Kayla knows what’s appealing to the eye and ear as well as what’s trending now. As the CEO of record label Generation Now, Cofounder of Atlantic Records Imprint, former VP of A & R at Def Jam–the industry vet knows the business. His popular nickname “Cannon” which was stamped by rapper Lil Wayne, Don knows the business and how to obtain longevity in any space off his expertise. Kayla and Don’s new Media Tech Company TmrO speaks to the needs of the “modern creative” individual.

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Don Cannon

Under the TmrO Umbrella there are 3 main connection points. TmrO features TmrO APP, providing an innovative way for creatives to connect and get to the bag one click at a time with no social features, focusing on business only. The TmrO Networkwith in house series, Women OF TmrO , as well as the upcoming launch of “Hidden Hands + more to be launched later in the year. Women Of TmrO highlights creative boss women flourishing in their perspective spaces by having one on one conversations about REAL topics. 

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With over 30 + years of experience in the music industry combined, both Kayla and Don compared notes on what they felt was missing and applied it in the makeup of their company. In a time where there are many ways to get paid in the Music Industry, with TmrOAPP, getting paid isn’t the only reward. TmrO APP users also get to work with some of the TOP players in the Music Industry without having to go through a middleman to get to them.


During women’s history month TmrO launched Season 2 of Women of TmrO, highlighting 10 dope women and their personal stories. Hosted by Kayla Shelton + Jasmine Milan, the series takes a deeper look into the struggles and triumphs of the everyday woman in entertainment. Click the video below to watch the latest episode of Women Of TmrO. The series can be found on the Women OF TmrO Instagram and the Tmro Network YouTube page.  

To keep up with TmrO, follow TmrO MediaTmrO App and Women Of Tmro on Instagram. Click HERE to join the TmrO Network.

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