Cannabis Supports Earth Day and our Mental Health

The 50th year anniversary of Earth Day is occurring during a Federal Health Pandemic Lockdown, making it unsafe to get outside and participate in common activities that may be healthy for our environment, such as planting trees or outdoor plants. Over the past 10 years, the return and acceptability of cannabis and hemp related goods to the mainstream market has been very helpful to our planet and our mental health. And here’s why.

The Hemp plant, which is apart of the Cannabis species has many uses, from paper, textiles, housing needs, food and fuel. Every part of the Hemp plant can be used, thus creating no waste that can pollute our planet and our surrounding environment. Since the passing of the 2018 hemp farm bill, legal hemp has exploded throughout the United States to bring a healthier plant material that takes up less space and creates less pollution.

When we thrive in a healthier environment, our mental well beings respond similarly. The American Psychological Association emphasizes that air pollution can cause cognitive decline or impairment, leading to symptoms related to depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. When our environment is healthy, the way we feel and interact with the world around us changes. A green environment provides endless wellness benefits, especially when coupled with other wellness tools like meditation and deep breathing. The rise of hemp and legal outdoor cannabis cultivation has helped the air we breath in so many ways.

Hemp papers takes much less space and plant material to produce paper in comparison to paper produced by trees. Hemp naturally cleans up the environment too through its natural bioremediation process, which cleans cleans up pollutants and toxins while replenishing the nutrients in its soil. This helps reverse environmental damage, making the air cleaner for every deep breath we take. Taking a few deep breaths helps aid stable mental health by decreasing stress, increasing calm, relieving pain, stimulating the lymphatic system (Detoxifies the body), improving immunity, increasing energy, lowering  blood pressure and improving digestion. 

Words by: Sonia Singh, LCSW, LCADC, “The Happy Therapist”, a double board-licensed Psychotherapist, who specializes in addressing mental health and wellness concerns with legal cannabis-based medicines and therapy. 

THESOURCE.COM Marijuana Reporter 4/2020