[WATCH] Oprah Winfrey Says CDC is Not Being Honest

Oprah Winfrey has expressed her concerns that the CDC is not being honest about the number of African-Americans killed by the coronavirus. Winfrey said the coronavirus outbreak is having a devastating impact on Black communities and she’s concerned that people aren’t getting the message about the risk of asymptomatic carriers.

On CBS This Morning, Winfrey said it was important for Black people to understand that preexisting conditions including diabetes and asthma put them at greater risk if they contract the virus. Earlier this month, Winfrey announced she is donating $10 million to help those in need during the pandemic.

“It’s not only ravaging our community, but people who have preexisting conditions, which I think people didn’t hear that,” she said.Winfrey, revealed she was diagnosed with pneumonia in September. After learning about certain people being at a higher risk, she worried that her lungs aren’t strong enough to survive the virus.

“So the moment I heard preexisting conditions, I’m like, ‘lock the door, nobody coming in here,’” she said. Many African-Americans have higher rates of diabetes, obesity, and asthma, which makes them more vulnerable to this deadly disease.

Watch the interview below