Cardi B Attacks Critics Who Judged Her Cigarette Smoking: ‘Y’all Poppin Pills’


Cardi B is shutting down critics on social media who criticized her after a video of her smoking a cigarette on her birthday surfaced on Instagram.

The Bronx rapper Cardi B celebrated her 31st birthday Wednesday after sharing the sea full of roses her husband gave her on her birthday. That evening a video of Cardi in a skin-tight red dress was captured of her smoking in a cigarette, Now Cardi is responding to critics and explaining why she doesn’t smoke marijuana.

“You muthaf**kas judging me because I smoked a little cigarette?” Cardi snapped in the Instagram video below. “First of all, let me talk about you n***as. Y’all out here drinking fake lean. You n***as is out here drinking Nyquil mixed with Benadryl. Y’all not even getting the right muthaf**kin Percs. Y’all popping pills, bitch, full of Fentanyl.”


“Let me talk about you b*****s,” she continued. “You b*****s went from popping Percs to popping Zannies and s**t. You b*****s walking around here with sleepy p***y…Leave me the f**k [alone].”

Watch the video below.