Close To Us Unveils New Single, ‘Loco Por Ti’

The Italian duo Close To Us delivers layers of groovy sound with their newest single, ‘Loco Por Ti’; a unique blend of Tech House and Bachata, the track brings dancefloor vibes from the very first hit, placing the infectious style of the duo at its centre.

As they continue to build momentum, Close To Us remains unstoppably determined when it comes to their creativity, pushing their sound to fresh ground as they keep honing their craft, style, and talents. Now, with the release of ‘Loco Por Ti’ via the label Shaman Records, the duo further cements themselves on a promising path, offering listeners an energetic sonic experience with this brand-new production.

With their musical journey only just getting started, Close To Us has embarked on their creative pursuits with a motivated attitude, approaching their craft with an ambition to make a name for themselves within the realm of Electronic Music. Having released tracks like ‘Wiiru’ and ‘Bambalam’, as well as a Tech House remix of the Skrillex, Fred again.. and Flowdan track, ‘Rumble’, Close To Us have begun building their discography, creating music that can ignite dancefloors with its funky rhythms and vibrant sound. As they establish their signature style, taking to the decks to create immersive live experiences, the duo continues to form connections with listeners, placing themselves on a trajectory full of promise as they showcase originality throughout their work.

As ‘Loco Por Ti’ highlights Close To Us’ lively sound, incorporating a range of upbeat elements, like thumping beats, a punchy bassline and exciting risers, the track offers fresh sonic colour with its vibrant guitar line and original Spanish vocal layers. With the intricate melodic hooks and rhythms bringing a Latin-inspired flavour to the track, the listening journey throughout ‘Loco Por Ti’ comes as a unique experience, refreshing in character yet catchy in energy; with danceable grooves and captivating sonic details, this new release from Close To Us is no doubt poised to capture attention.

So, with the detailed soundscape of ‘Loco Por Ti’ serving as a powerful indicator of the talents and potential of Close To Us, make sure to discover its bold sound for yourself and be sure to keep watching Close To Us by following the duo across social media. ‘Loco Por Ti’ is out now via Shaman Records and is available to stream and download across platforms.