EarthGang Drops Funk-Inspired Single “Black Light” as Prelude to Upcoming EP

The dynamic duo EarthGang has returned with their latest single, “Black Light,” setting the stage for their upcoming EP, Robophobia, scheduled for release on Nov. 17th. This funk-inspired track follows their recent EP, “Earthgang vs the Algorithm: RIP Human Art,” which made waves last month.

“Black Light” is the lead single for Robophobia and offers a vintage sound, reminiscent of the soulful vibes of the 70s, a time untouched by the digital age. The EP is part of EarthGang’s three-part series, “Earthgang vs the Algorithm,” which passionately opposes the growing influence of algorithms and champions genuine creativity and freedom.

The song masterfully blends elements of hip-hop and funk, celebrating the raw human artistry and individuality. Its mellow tempo, highlighted by a groovy bassline, creates a captivating ambiance. The recurring lyrics, “black light, expose your flaws,” remind listeners of the power of acknowledging and growing from imperfections. With melodic R&B vocals, “Black Light” invites introspection and self-acceptance. EarthGang continues to push boundaries and deliver soulful, thought-provoking music for their fans.


You can hear the single below.