Opiuo Unveils Remarkable Digital and Orchestral Release: “Conduct-A-Disco”

The maestro of funkadelic bass music, Opiuo, makes a triumphant return with his latest hit single, “Conduct-A-Disco.” This infectious track is designed as the perfect opening for Opiuo’s live shows this year, and it accomplishes this mission with flair. With an impressive two-and-a-half-minute buildup, the song creates a grand atmosphere, infused with tribal influences, before Opiuo’s iconic funk-driven bassline takes center stage.

Additionally, the release includes a live rendition of “Conduct-A-Disco” from Opiuo’s memorable performance at Red Rocks in May. This special collaboration with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, presented as Opiuo & The Opulent Orchestra, is available for viewing on Opiuo’s YouTube channel.

Experience both versions of this exceptional track below and immerse yourself in the musical magic!

Opiuo – Conduct-A-Disco

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Opiuo – Conduct-A-Disco (Live From Red Rocks Amphitheater)

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