Venture 5 Pushes Beyond Genre Constraints With ‘On My Own’ EP, Marking His Dnb Milestone

Denver native Venture 5 is a musical innovator constantly pushing sonic boundaries. Their latest EP, “On My Own,” out now marks a bold leap into the drum & bass genre after the success of their electro house EP, “Penelope’s Code,” and bass music EP, “First Connection.”

This two-track EP promises an emotional, genre-spanning journey, with the standout single “On My Own” blending heavenly vocals, pulsating bass, and rhythmic mastery. It’s a captivating sonic experience.

Alongside the EP, you’ll find “Heartbeat,” a song that skillfully blends an upbeat and catchy energy with uplifting vocals. Collectively, these tracks serve as a reminder that personal growth and artistic brilliance often emerge during moments of uncertainty. Venture 5’s “On My Own” EP promises to captivate and inspire, highlighting their exceptional versatility.