Elephante And SABAI Unveils New Single, ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ Featuring Olivia Ray

Today, Elephante & SABAI Unveil Debut Single “Say It Like You Mean It” (feat. Olivia Ray) from their new label, Hidden Horizon.

“Say It Like You Mean (feat. Olivia Ray)” is a groundbreaking collaboration between electronic music heavyweights Elephante and SABAI set for release on March 8. Hidden Horizon, the newly formed label born out of the creative partnership between SABAI and Elephante, promises to redefine the electronic music landscape through innovative production and radical inclusion, love & acceptance.

To celebrate this momentous release, Hidden Horizon will host an exclusive launch party during Miami Music Week at Freehold on March 20th. The event is poised to showcase the label’s diverse talent, including performances by Elephante and SABAI themselves amongst burgeoning label talent.

SABAI reflects on the collaboration, stating, “I flew over to LA to spend a few days working on this song with Elephante, and I’m so glad we did it in person instead of doing it online. This is one of the fastest songs both of us have ever made. We finished it within 3 days, and I think it’s because our styles really complement each other. There is such a high level of trust and respect in each other’s craft. The experience was beautiful, and I’m so proud of this collaboration with Tim!”

Elephante shares his insights on “Say It Like You Mean It,” saying, “It’s a song about the moment where you feel like a relationship is dying on the vine, but you know deep down there’s still a spark that you could recapture if you could find the right words. It’s my second collaboration with SABAI – I see a lot of myself in him, and it’s been such a privilege to see him grow as an artist and have him inspire me in turn.”