Logan Garrett Links Up With MobSquad Nard and Killa Kyleon For Electrifying D&B Anthem, ‘Aliens Exist’

It is always incredible to witness when artists from different backgrounds and with musical influences come together to blend their signature sounds. This is exactly what Logan Garrett, MobSquad Nard, and Killa Kyleon have done in their new single, “Aliens Exist”. With cover art that’s just as mesmerizing as the track itself, “Aliens Exist” meshes Logan’s drum & bass proficiency with invigorating rap from MobSquad Nard and Killa Kyleon.

Wasting not time electrifying its audience, this collab opens with thrilling rhymes and a fast-paced d&b-fueled bassline. Throughout “Aliens Exist”, Logan forges sequences of crisp snare rolls and chilling effects. These elements play into the captivating buildups and drops centered around both lyricists. Primed for underground raves and festivals, this genre-bending anthem boasts a wild auditory adventure for listeners.

By combining the worlds of rap and drum & bass in “Aliens Exist”, Logan, MobSquad Nard, and Killa Kyleon have helped open new doors across the music industry. Be on the lookout for the upcoming innovative projects from these artists.