Former Law Enforcement Officer Faces Backlash After Road Rage Altercation Turns Racial

Former law enforcement officer David Tupper is facing intense criticism on social media following a disturbing road rage incident. The allegations against Tupper involve breaking the side window of a black woman’s vehicle during a heated altercation, which ultimately took a racist turn.

The incident unfolded when a black woman, Denishia Lewis, found herself in a confrontation with Tupper, who was identified as a former law enforcement officer. The situation took a shocking turn when Tupper, inexplicably, decided to park his bicycle in the middle of the street while armed with a handgun, donning a uniform.

Denishia Lewis, who was simply trying to pick up her son from the bus stop, found herself stuck behind Tupper as he obstructed traffic. In an attempt to get Tupper to move, she tapped her horn, signaling that traffic had resumed and that he should continue pedaling. However, instead of complying, Tupper further agitated the situation. He moved his bicycle in front of her car, making her wait.


As Lewis attempted to pass him, Tupper accelerated, going so far as to punch and break her side mirror. He continued to stay in front of her, occasionally braking abruptly in an apparent attempt to provoke an accident. It was a series of reckless and dangerous actions, which left Lewis understandably frustrated.

Realizing the dangerous road rage situation, Lewis eventually managed to get around Tupper. She proceeded down the street, performed a U-turn, and returned to confront him for the damage he had caused. Her primary objective was to acquire his insurance information.

During the confrontation, Lewis began recording the interaction, capturing a portion of Tupper’s behavior on video. What ensued is nothing short of shocking, as Tupper embarked on a racist tirade, spewing offensive language.

The situation escalated quickly when a TikTok user, with the handle @TizzyEnt, alerted his 5.9 million followers to the incident. He appealed to the public for assistance in identifying Tupper, which quickly gained traction. Within a short period, Tupper was successfully identified by TikTok user Danesh.

The video of the altercation went viral within hours, exposing the racist behavior and actions of David Tupper to the world. The incident not only highlights the need for accountability and scrutiny of those in positions of authority but also underscores the significance of capturing and sharing incidents of discrimination for justice and reform.