Gunna Gives Back To Former Middle School Partners With Goodr To Open Free Grocery and Clothing Store

McNair Middle School celebrated their grand opening of ‘Gunna’s Drip Closet and Goodr Grocery Store.’

Former alumnus Gunna surprised students at Ronald McNair Middle School in College Park with a visit and much more. The Grammy-nominated rapper and Goodr founder and CEO Jasmine Crowe partnered up to give back in a major way.

Gunna at Ronald McNair Middle School
Gunna at Ronald McNair Middle School

Crowe teamed up with Atlanta native Gunna, a former student of the middle school, to help finance the store. The store also provides clothing and sneakers for free. That was all Gunna’s touch, Crowe said.

According to reports, the store was organized to meet the needs of children affected by the tough times Covid-19 brought. She shared her non profit organization is devoted to stopping food waste and hunger.

“These are things I said I was gonna do when I got in a position to do it so I just gotta follow that,” Gunna shared.

Parents can also place order requests through Goodr’s website, and then their children can pick the items up when they’re at school and bring them home. If they don’t have internet access, parents can register at the school instead.

They hope the association with the “Ski” rapper will help eradicate any shame or stigma that students might associate with taking the free items home. Each student was provided with a reusable grocery bag to use when they are shopping at the store.

“Our hope was that now if you see a kid with that bag, you just don’t know what’s in it, because you got one as well,” Crowe shared.

Crowe said she’d love to open more stores in schools and she’s already brainstorming how to make it happen.

Gunna also gave credit to the amazing work that Goodr does to combat food insecurity.

“This is not just me. It’s me and my team, who always help me and make sure all my giveaways are run right and that everyone gets what they need,” he said.