Missy Elliot Defends Rap Duo Flyana Boss After Fans Criticize Their Creativity

Missy Elliott came to the defense of the group Flyana Boss when fans on Twitter called into question the repeated use of a similar format for their music videos. Missy responded by explaining that consistency is part of the marketing strategy for many young artists.

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“This old school tactic if you do a bunch of things you confuse the audience,” Missy replied to a viral tweet questioning the repetition. “They don’t know who you are. That’s why most successful artist have eras and for that era they consistently do the same style and sound so you build a particular fan base.”


She followed up by using examples of her own successful career: “Example my 1st album I wore FingerWaves the entire time. My sound was a futuristic vibe even down to the way I danced it was a jerky move. But all the elements established the type of artist I was… you must be consistent when you are a new artist.”

From there, the original account that posted the criticism thanked Missy for her constructive responses. In reply, Missy wrote: “Of course my love we are here to help each other grow and learn… I’m glad you mentioned it because I’m sure others may of thought the same but always remember a wise person ask questions! So you are one with wisdom.”

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