LEFTI goes golden age on ‘Walk the Walk’

New York City-based house mechanic LEFTI walks the walk on the aptly titled and rhythmically intoxicating single, “Walk The Walk.” Known for his nods to the golden age of house music, LEFTI continues to deliver high-energy rhythms that bring dance floors to life and his latest follows suit.

“Walk the Walk” finds LEFTI flexing his talent for crafting top-notch house and disco tracks. The track bristles with an infectiously kinetic energy, an effervescent concoction of classic house vibes, driven by a pulsating bass line that stirs visions of vintage dancefloors. There’s a sense of modern nostalgia baked into the mix. Characteristic kick drums, snappy snares, and crisp hi-hats give the track a vintage texture that is unmistakably reminiscent of the genre’s heyday. Yet, LEFTI manages to infuse this classic sound with his own signature style, creating a pulsating bassline that propels the track forward with an energy that’s utterly infectious.