Monstercat Reveals The Mystery Behind Banana Live-Streaming With Bass Producer SIPPY’s “The Banana Song”

Monstercat, one of electronic music’s most influential independent record labels, today celebrates April Fool’s Day by peeling open a revelation about its enigmatic banana livestream – the release of SIPPY’s “The Banana Song,” out today.

From March 11th, Monstercat commenced a livestream featuring nothing more than a lonesome banana and an ominous beat teasing “The Banana Song,” sparking curiosity within their community. Since then, the enigmatic banana stream has been viewed more than 74,800 times. Periodically, the banana underwent a series of examinations in the name of “science,” including being swabbed, having its temperature and measurements taken, and – further into its lifetime – even hooked up to what we can assume was a potassium IV. Viewers were empowered to take matters into their own hands by voting on the banana’s name (“Bananadan”), keeping the banana stimulated with dubstep music, and granting him the gift of sight with googly eyes.

Today marks the culmination of Bananadan’s journey; a QR code has now emerged with a banana baked good, goading viewers to peel open the mysteries that have surrounded its existence. The music video opens with the spirit of Banandan floating into the air, arriving at a grocery store surrounded by ripe, yellow companions. The fruity frenzy arises as the rhythm of “The Banana Song” lures Bananadan into a potassium-powered groovy dance. With SIPPY’s flavourful experimental bass soundscapes, listeners are bound to find themselves dancing along with Bananadan.

What began as a fruity prank during a session at Monstercat’s recording studios ripened into an April Fool’s Day release, proving that SIPPY has the talent to split the difference between humour and an addictive bass record. Listeners are now encouraged to answer the final question, “How brown does a banana have to be to be bad?”