Motorist Arrested After Attacking Philadelphia Mom In Front Of Her Children

A 26-year-old man was arrested Wednesday in connection with a cell phone video taken Sunday which showed him smashing the back windshield of a woman’s car while her children sat in the car. The woman, Nikki Bullock, 23 and her girlfriend were working making Uber deliveries when they were hit from the back. The crazed motorist then pulled a gun on the woman and then assaulted her in front of her children in Philadelphia.

The motorist hit the woman with his helmet while her children screamed in the back. She knocked over the bike before grabbing one of her screaming children.

Cody Heron, 26, is charged with possession of an instrument of crime, recklessly endangering another person and aggravated assault, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office said.


“A firearm can be seen falling from the defendant’s waistband before he retrieves the weapon and threatens the victim with it after she confronts him on the street,” the DA said. “Heron head butts her during the confrontation before returning to his vehicle and fleeing the scene.”

“I’m glad my kids are OK. I’m glad nobody got hurt,” Bullock said. “It could have gone way worse than it did. I’m just glad that video is not me dying on the internet.”

Watch the video below.