PhaseOne And Nosphere Unleash Groundbreaking New Single, ‘Brunt’

PhaseOne, the visionary behind Sounds Of Mayhem, joins forces with Hungarian bass producer Nosphere for their groundbreaking collaboration, ‘Brunt’.

The remarkable collaboration emerges as a standout production, thrusting listeners into a realm where bass mastery collides with unbridled intensity. This long-awaited collaboration is a pivotal feature on the highly-anticipated ‘Sounds Of Mayhem: The Uprising II’ compilation and promises to be a force in the dubstep world. “Brunt” is due for release December 15, 2023 via Sounds of Mayhem Recordings.

‘Brunt’ stands as a powerful exemplar of musical innovation. At its core, “Brunt” features a commanding bassline, enriched by an array of surreal, warped synths and intricate percussion. The track’s dual drops highlight its groundbreaking character, each offering a distinct and earth-shaking auditory experience. Designed to reinvigorate the senses and push energy levels to unprecedented peaks, ‘Brunt’ is poised to be a standout addition to the ‘Sounds Of Mayhem: The Uprising II’ compilation.

“Nosphere & myself started this song close to 2 years ago now. We’ve both been fans of each other’s work for some time now, so it was inevitable that we would work together one day. We sent each other ideas back and forth online until something stuck and we’ve been building on that idea until this year. I played a festival in Budapest last year (where Nosphere is based) and was stoked to be able to bring him up on stage to perform the song live with me! Brunt has always been a highlight in my sets so I’m stoked it’ll finally see the light of day!” – PHASEONE

Since 2019, Nosphere has been a formidable name in the bass music landscape. His expertise in sound engineering has led to significant releases on prominent labels like NeverSayDie, Subsidia, and Cyclops Recordings. Having dominated major bass festivals across Europe and performed at Hungary’s premier venues, Nosphere is now set to extend his influence to the U.S. bass scene, embarking on the next chapter of his evolving career.

In addition to this monumental collaboration, ‘Sounds Of Mayhem: The Uprising II’ boasts a star-studded lineup featuring KILL FEED, ECRAZE, Adam On Earth, Clomp, Gl0bal, JAÎRU, REVEREND, SKXLVTOR, Figure, Scafetta and Dahlbeats.