Pirapus Reconnects With Brody Leigh On High-Energy, Euphoric Drum & Bass Single “SUPERNOVA”

New Zealand-based production duo Pirapus has been carving out their lane in the drum & bass space with a unique sonic offering that is melodic, catchy, euphoric, high energy, and enriched with dreamy soundscapes.

The pair are making their debut on Lost In Dreams with fellow New Zealand native Brody Leigh. “SUPERNOVA” is a bright burning drum & bass anthem that blends pop appeal with a club-ready sound.

“SUPERNOVA” is a high-energy anthem that’s built for the mainstage. Brody Leigh’s alluring vocals embody the excitement of new love, combining exhilarating melodies with an uplifting tone. Palm-muted strums and trance-inspired soundscapes are layered under the vocals creating a dreamy aesthetic that dares you to get lost within. The backing is stripped away to punch up the pre-drop vocal as the track burns bright into the drops. Hitting fans with a lively dose of driving DnB, Pirapus layers radiant stabs, quavery synth shots, and driving drums with club-friendly basslines. Finding the perfect balance between the pop-friendly vocals, gritty DnB drops, and uplifting melodies, “SUPERNOVA” is a modern-day love song for ravers.

Pirapus are brimming with enthusiasm around the release, saying, “‘SUPERNOVA’ is a dancefloor DnB track made for the mainstage and we’re so excited to be putting it out as our first release of 2024 with Lost In Dreams. Thank you to the Insomniac family for welcoming us in. We can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!”

The single serves as a follow-up to Pirapus and Brody Leigh’s previous breakout collaboration “LOST WITH U,” which has amassed 2 million streams to date.

Hailing from New Zealand, Pirapus are a production duo making their mark on the drum & bass scene with a futuristic sound that’s divergent yet addictive. They have been gaining support from some of the biggest artists in the scene including Sub Focus, the Chainsmokers, and Pendulum. They have been on fire since winning the ‘Breakthrough Artist’ Award from GeorgeFM in 2021 and have three upcoming shows at major venues across New Zealand.

“SUPERNOVA” is an infectious anthem built around sultry vocals and energetic DnB eruptions that’ll have the dancefloor lusting for more.

Pirapus’ new single “SUPERNOVA” feat. Brody Leigh is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams.