Presidential Hopeful Tom Steyer Booked Juvenile for ‘Back That Azz Up’ Rally Performance Only to Back Out of Race

We know you saw it on social media over the weekend and was confused. Juvenile on stage next to an older white guy performing “Back That Azz Up” but flipping the words to #BackThatVoteUp. It was a very confusing scene.

Well if you haven’t been too deep into the Democratic Presidential Candidates, that older white guy is Tom Steyer, who brought out Juve, Yolanda Adams and DJ Jazzy Jeff to his South Carolina primary rally.

Unfortunately for Steyer, it wasn’t enough to keep him from dropping out of the race as he did on Saturday. He finished third in the South Carolina primary behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders but was still considered a long shot.

“We live in a country that is deeply unjust economically where rich people have been profiting at the expense of everybody else,” Mr. Steyer said in his speech to supporters. “And I didn’t get in this race and start talking about things to get votes. I was in this race to talk about things that I cared the most about.”

Steyer is not alone in his bowing out, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is also out of the nomination process. However, Mayor Pete didn’t jig like this: