Rowdy Rebel Admits to Having a Crush on Tinashe in New “Come Up Show” Freestyle

Rowdy Rebel has been extremely active since his release from prison last December. The GS9 rapper returned home to receive his first plaque for his Gold single, “Computers.” In addition, he linked with Toronto rapper NAV for his latest release, “Jesse Owens.” Rebel is not wasting any time when it comes to his music.

He recently appeared on The Come Up Show with Philadelphia’s own, Cosmic Kev. During the interview, Kev asked Rowdy to freestyle. With no hesitation, the “Computers” rapper was prepared with bars full of ammunition.

"2014 when I had the streets on lock 
ayo Kev I was posted right there in front of my G spot
three shooters, three glocks, chilling with three Thots 
then I sent that bi**h to the weed spot 
to smoke on a zip right in front of my PJs"

As he continues the freestyle, Cosmic Kev urges him to keep going, although Rowdy was already in his bag. He even raps that he had  a crush on R&B singer Tinashe back in 2014 as well. While that was quite some time ago, there is no telling what the future may hold.

"I was bagging up food I ain't talking bout BJs
around the same time when I shut down the Barclays 
that's when I had a crush on Tinashe 
but she had never f***ed with a n***a 
that had shootouts in broad day"

The Brooklyn rapper recently tapped in with Young Thug during All-Star Weekend in Atlanta as well. With the homecoming of Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda, the two GS9 generals are gearing up to have a successful Summer.