Sharon Osbourne Claims Whitney Houston Once Accused Her of ‘Trying to F–k’ Bobby Brown

Sharon Osbourne recently shared a wild story about a time when legendary singer Whitney Houston accused her of wanting her then-husband Bobby Brown. Sharon says Whitney was finishing her sound check and noticed Bobby sitting next to Sharon when she interrupted herself onstage to ask Sharon,”Mrs Osbourne, are you trying to f**k my husband?” Sharon says she ran down the aisle to profess her innocence when Whitney noticed Sharon’s pave diamond ring to which Sharon tossed at her as a distraction.

The Daily Mail reports:

Sharon Osbourne has revealed that Whitney Houston once accused her of trying to sleep with her husband Bobby Brown, leaving her so flustered by the shock encounter that she gave the late singer her ring in an attempt to calm her.


The former X Factor judge, 71, said the confusion occurred during rehearsals for VH1 show, Divas Duets, in 2003, when Whitney was rehearsing, and Bobby and their daughter Bobbi Kristina, ended up sitting alongside Sharon to watch.

According to Sharon however, her apparent closeness with Bobby didn’t sit too well with Whitney when she finished her sound check on-stage.

‘I was hosting the Divas for VH1 and I was at sound check and Whitney was up on stage doing her sound check,’ Sharon recalled on her family podcast, The Osbournes.

‘Her little girl obviously liked watching [our former MTV reality show] The Osbournes and she came up and sat next to me – gorgeous little thing. And then suddenly her dad came and sat the other side of me, Bobby.’

She continued: ‘Whitney’s up there singing and she stops singing and the track is still going, and slowly the track stops. And she goes, “Mrs Osbourne, are you trying to f**k my husband?” And I’m like, “No, no please, I’m not!”‘

Sharon, who had been married to Ozzy Osbourne for 21 years at the time, jumped out of her seat in panic and ran down the aisle professing her innocence.

‘I was going, “No no no, you don’t understand. I wasn’t”,’ she said.

Fortunately, her pave diamond ring saved her from further embarrassment, by distracting the singer, who demanded a closer look.

Sharon continued: ‘She goes, “Let me see that ring,” and I was like, “I’d love you to have it”.

‘I gave her the ring, threw it at her, and said, “I promise you, I’m not interested in your husband, I’m married!”‘