SOURCE SPORTS: Derrick Rose Told Ja Morant He Didn’t Come to Memphis to ‘Babysit’ Him

Ja Morant’s explosive point guard play has often drawn comparisons to the Chicago Bulls version of Derrick Rose. The two are teammates in Memphis, and Rose had a specific message: “I’m not here to babysit you.”

During media day, Rose stated he delivered a specific message to Morant, who will travel and practice with the team despite being suspended for the opening 25 games.

“I’m not here to babysit you,” Rose said. “I’m not here to follow you around. I’m not here to cheerlead. … I’m here to push you.”


Rose said he would continue pushing Morant on the floor but add moments of “discipline to remind yourself or be mindful of the places you’re at, who you’re with, and your actions.”