SOURCE SPORTS: Nets’ Reportedly Banking On Kevin Durant to Convince Kyrie Irving to Get Vaccinated

One of Kyrie Irving’s teammates on the Brooklyn Nets may play a key part in getting the All-Star on board with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports reported this week that league sources believe Irving will end up getting the COVID-19 vaccine, citing the influence of close friend and teammate Kevin Durant.

Currently, Irving sounds like someone uninterested in getting the vaccine. He was not able to attend Nets’ media day this week due to health and safety protocols, as New York City does not allow unvaccinated individuals to attend certain indoor events. Irving has also recently been showing support for anti-vaccine sentiments.

If anyone can get Irving to have a change of heart it could be Durant. Only time will tell if Durant can get Irving on board before the season begins on October 19th.