SpottemGottem Led Miami Officers On Highspeed Chase, Facing Multiple Charges for Pursuit and Possession


SpottemGottem was arrested by Miami-Dade Police on Tuesday after sparking a high-speed chase. After he was apprehended, police also recovered illegal firearms.

According to WSVN-Miami, officers were conducting a proactive detail in response to a rise in violent crimes in the area near NE 164 Street and NE 6th Avenue. SpottemGottem’s car, a tinted red Corvette, was spotted at a gas station and officers attempted a traffic stop. From there SpottemGottem sped from the scene, starting a pursuit.

SpottemGottem collided with another car, then fled the site. His car would eventually disable at the intersection of NE 180 Street and NE 15th Avenue, leading the rapper to flee on foot but he was eventually arrested.


Inside the car was a black Glock 23 with a green rubber grip, modified with an illegal fully automatic Glock sear, an extended .40 caliber clip with ten rounds, and a loose .40-caliber round in the center console. Already a convicted felon, SpottemGottem did not have a concealed weapons permit, and his driver’s license was suspended. He is now facing multiple charges for the pursuit and possession.