T & Sugah Drop Brand New Single ‘Set It Off’

High Tea Music is a label based in the Netherlands that has risen from strength to strength in recent years, primarily due to its output dictated by founding fathers T & Sugah.

They’ve become a powerhouse within the drum & bass scene, having curated a host of events throughout Europe, from Amsterdam to Berlin to London, which provided the foundations not just for their label but also an extensive music career. This is highlighted by their new single with the formidable platform UKF, a pinnacle of electronic music, where T & Sugah have also found another home for their music.

A track that has already been teased throughout T & Sugah’s packed touring schedule, their new single ‘Set It Off’ featuring Nathan Smoker brings together the signature that has made them such a formidable force, as well as the electric live presence that has made T & Sugah a fan favorite. With Nathan Smoker’s sweeping vocal crescendos alongside the duo’s strung-out melodies and the emotive storytelling they pull together through their music, it provides the perfect entree into the summer months.

As festival season approaches, and with their performances at the likes of Let It Roll, Lowlands, and Liquicity, T & Sugah are providing the soundtrack once again to the forthcoming longer nights. Fans can expect to hear even more new music from the pair as their trajectory continues its ascent.