Ten Charges Against Trey Songz in Bowling Alley Assault Case Dropped

Charges placed against Trey Songz for an assault at a bowling alley have been dropped. Songz pled guilty to a single disorderly conduct violation.

Songz was able to sidestep charges of assault and aggravated harassment and will complete 12 anger management classes by August. Sources state Songz has already started on the courses.

According to TMZ, Songz was arrested at the end of November, citing he hit two people in the face, with one person needing to go to the hospital.


Trey Songz was given a desk appearance ticket for assault and was released.

A previous report stated Trey allegedly punched a woman in the face of the bowling alley’s bathroom. The second person was a man who received a punch to the eye.

In a statement, Songz’s attorney Mitch Schuster told TMZ: “We appreciate the New York law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office for their comprehensive investigation and careful consideration of all evidence, which ultimately confirmed what we had known all along and resulted in the District Attorney’s office choosing not to pursue any of the original charges against our client.”

He added, “With each and every one of the 10 original charges now dismissed by operation of law, Trey looks forward to putting this matter behind him.”