Today In Hip Hop History: Grand Daddy I.U. Dropped His Debut LP ‘Smooth Assassin’ 33 Years Ago

On this date in 1990, Long Island rap juggernaut Grand Daddy I.U. released his debut album Smooth Assassin under the Cold Chillin’ Records umbrella. With production from the late Biz Markie and his DJ Cool V, Smooth Assassin was a street-wise, conceptual album with I.U. manifesting a flow that many almost immediately compared to Rakim.

The 16-track album featured a couple of radio friendly tracks; “Something New”, which features singers Desiree Price, Raezia Rolle and Toni Rolle. “Sugar Free” features singer Mary Brown respectively. He also kept it gully for the streets with songs like “Nobody Move”, “Girl In The Mall” and “Behind Bars”.

The Hip Hop community lost another chapter to its 50 year history when Ayub “I.U.” Bey passed away last December at 54 years old. Smooth Assassin was I.U.’s only full length studio release that received a push from a major label. Salute to I.U., Biz, Cool V, DJ Kay Cee and everyone who played a part in making this album a success and a part of Hip Hip history!