URL: T-Top Edges Swamp in Long-Awaited “Super Fight IV” Battle

The T-Top and Swamp battle finally happened at URL’s “Super Fight IV.”

URL’s Super Fight IV occurred this past weekend, where two Carolina breds faced off in an anticipated match. T-Top and Swamp stepped up to the plate after months of cancellations.

According to T-Top, Swamp did not have enough on his Battle resume to face such a top tier opponent like himself. On the other hand, Swamp felt as if T-Top was dodging the match-up. While the battle scheduled for Summer Madness and NOME (Night of Main Events), where Drake was in attendance, the battle was cancelled.

Being the surgical lyricist that he is, T-Top was sure to use that as material in round two of the battle.

While the fan vote on the Caffeine app gave the edge to Swamp, most URL fans on Twitter and Youtube agreed that T-Top took home the W, 2-1, winning the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Although many said it was not T-Top’s strongest battle, it is clear that he won. The Caffeine results even caused battle rap veteran turned analyst, Tsu Surf, to walk-off after such an appalling vote from Caffeine fans.

Following the battle, T-Top took to URL TV giving his thoughts on the battle.

“I already came into this that my fans are not on the app,” says the North Carolina rapper. “Swamp know he got 3-0’d. I ain’t even mad at the fans. I’ll let them do what they do.”

You can check out the full battle on the Caffeine app. Check out more reactions below.