VIKTHOR Unveils ‘All Together’

MJA the Vision is a new record label from Clif Jack who is an Italian techno artist with a peak time style, and the record label shares his same sound.

After launching the record label with two of his own tracks, Clif Jack has invited VIKTHOR to provide music for the second release, which is titled “All Together”.

VIKTHOR is an Italian techno producer who has put out releases on prestigious record labels including Carl Cox’s Intec and Monika Kruse’s Terminal M. He has spent many years building a reputation as a consistent producer, and this release is everything fans would expect from him.

“All Together” is the title track and first on the release, and its booming bass-hits and rubbery arpeggio are layered underneath fast-paced hi-hat rhythms, while the kick holds the groove steady. The breakdown is signified by epic pads and a thought-provoking vocal about the end of the world.

Track two, “Feel Alive,” is a lot more stripped back and atmospheric than its predecessor. The percussion is very techno focussed, but the synths are a lot more fragmented, and the track has an eerie atmosphere, but also with uplifting elements that create contrasting moods.

Out now, buy a copy HERE