[WATCH] Singer Jidenna Reveals He Regrets Manipulating Women And Wasting Their Baby-Making Years

Recording artist Jidenna recently stirred up social media with his newest revelations in the What’s Underneath: Masculinity series by Man Enough. The “Classic Man” singer opened up about wasting women’s time and their baby-making years.

In the episode, Jidenna reflects on moments that reshaped his understanding of manhood, highlighting the influence of hip-hop icon Andre 3000 in broadening his perspective on the various “shades of masculinity.


One of the most surprising admissions was Jidenna’s acknowledgment of his past toxic behavior, and his regret about wasting women’s time. He expressed remorse for dragging women along and robbing them of crucial moments in their lives. In the interview, he candidly shared, “I robbed some women of their baby-making years, dragging them along…We can’t do that to the women who have done so much for us to even exist.”


Jidenna’s journey also includes insights into a polyamorous relationship that prompted him to confront manipulative patterns in his dating life. This experience led to a transformation in his approach to relationships, emphasizing the importance of working as hard at love as he has in his career.

Jidenna’s candid revelations resonate with many, emphasizing the need for open discussions on toxic masculinity and the importance of continuous self-reflection and growth.

Watch the full video below. Thoughts?