Wendy Williams Brother Calls Out Her Manager: ‘I Just Know He’s Not A Man, He’s Soft’


Former daytime talk show host Wendy Williams’ brother Tommy went live on YouTube and stated his dissatisfaction towards some of the people around his sister during Easter.

After expressing his disappointment in Wendy bringing camera’s home for the holidays, then leaving shortly after her brother is fed up with people taking advantage. Tommy is naming Wendy’s manager Will Selby as the unsavory character he doesn’t trust.

The Sun reports:


In an on-camera interview, Tommy Williams exclusively revealed to The U.S. Sun what he thinks about Wendy’s mental state, and how he feels about his famous sister’s associates after some escorted the star on a trip to Florida earlier this month.

“She’s so caught up with who she was and not who she’s become, and apparently she’d like to get back to who she was because she can’t stop talking about that person,” her 54-year-old brother said.

“So let’s all help you get back to that person, but we haven’t been able to help because she’s up in New York around people and we, the family, can’t get our hooks in her properly to reel her into the shore.

“So she’s staying out there with the sharks,” Wendy’s frustrated brother added.

Tommy then zeroed in on Wendy’s manager Will Selby, who was along with the star in Flordia to film her reality show.

“I don’t trust Will. I finally could say what I saw, I don’t trust.

“He wasn’t a man of very many words,” Wendy’s brother said, adding that the manager never introduced himself to either him or their elderly father, Thomas Williams Sr, while filming.

“And if you’re coming around our father and you’re putting this big piece together, and Wendy’s been away all this time and your name is synonymous with Wendy then speak the f*** up.

“Speak up, say something! Who are you!?”

“I’m just trying to keep my family safe because as my father climbs in age, I’m in the position to do what needs to be done for my family.

“So Will, you don’t have to talk to my father. And it was obvious you didn’t have the balls to talk to me and say anything to me.”

Tommy, who also claimed that Wendy is not well enough to be filming a reality show, also said of Will: “He seemed a little bit timid and out of sorts, and I guess if you’re doing the wrong thing, you’re not going to feel right.”

“I just know that he’s not a man. He’s soft. And he plays the backdrop. And that he’s using Wendy,” the star’s protective brother concluded.