Xavi Showcases His Breadth With Eclectic 5-Track Electronic EP ‘Spitfire’

Chicago-based producer Xavi makes his captivating return to Lost In Dreams with the expressive ‘Spitfire’ EP.

The five-track project offers listeners a piece of his soul with a diverse collection of sounds that spans both years and genres. The release follows the success of the lead single “Sequel,” which has already received support from industry titans like Illenium and Alison Wonderland.

Xavi offers a perfect introduction to the project as he opens up about the creation process: “This EP is easily the most eclectic EP I think I’ve ever created. Coming from, not only many different sources of inspiration, but also from many different time periods in my life, the tracks fit themselves together like a jigsaw puzzle to create, in my opinion, a veiled and metaphorical reflection of myself from these past years and experiences. ‘Spitfire’ is a collection of every sort and type of my thoughts, bundled together in a listenable package.”

Leading the EP comes “Former Longing,” an emotional ballad that sets the tone. The emo-driven vocals act as the focal point, conjuring a sense of haunting beauty. The lyrics trace a path of heartfelt yearning for that special someone who feels infinitely distant but remains close in the heart. Distorted guitar riffs, ghostly soundscapes, and stirring keys deepen the feels before building drums envelope into a seismic sonic shift. The midway point marks an eruption of heavenly and vibrant synths that simulate an explosion of unbridled emotion. Pounding percussion and glitchy flourishes are added into the mix, creating a sense of turmoil as the vocals find their way in with a new edge. The fast cut to the concluding piano solo offers a stark contrast, creating a pensive finale that resets energy without losing the emotive throughline.

Shifting the tone, “No Excuse” offers a more upbeat aesthetic. Pulling elements from indie dance, house, and melodic bass, Xavi puts his genre-blurring talents on full display. The opening paints a picture of a vast and stunning landscape of green, rolling hills and blue skies. The gripping vocals move between bare sections and weighty backing, being bent and looped to create exhilarating rhythmic layers as the production realizes a state of constant evolution. Hints of melancholy frolic with carefree melodies and bursts of energy, resulting in a fun yet grounded romp that drifts into a more somber conclusion.

Occupying the project’s halfway point is the lead single “Sequel.” Welcomed with waves of distortion, the short, minimalistic introduction cleanses the palate before opening up to the impassioned vocals that anchor the track. The Midwest emo-inspired topline intertwines nostalgia with raw emotion for a truly captivating pull. Ethereal melodies and oscillating vox synths drift behind, swelling the feelings before snappy drums slide into powerful drops. Erupting with a torrent of melodic bass imbued with fuzzy distortion, it offers a truly cathartic release of everything that’s been held inside. The chopped breaks present a feeling of dizzying actualization that perfectly bleeds into the fervent finale. Closing out the track with a stripped-back outro offers a calm and reflective end that amplifies the impact of the raw yet touching vocals.

Ushering in a rollercoaster of emotion comes the epic experience of “Shared Hues.” Scored by a dizzying synth that proceeds to rapidly speed out of control, the introduction is vibrant and disorienting. As it reaches its peak it dissipates into a heavily processed vocal solo that sees Xavi pouring his heart out. Soul-stirring keys expand the minimal yet incredibly impactful start. The lyrics offer an admission of unwavering love and desire, dreaming of a day when the skies turn their hue. As the track’s namesake is revealed, “Shared Hues” morphs into a blast of emotions and sounds with an overwhelming melodic outpouring, grungy low-end, and echoed vocals.

Closing out on a high note comes the title track. Years in the making, “Spitfire” is a powerful tale of pain and triumph. It’s about knowing the journey will be riddled with peaks and pitfalls, but it will all be worthwhile. The lyrics, “I swear, give me your hands, we’ll make it from here” possess a sense of unstoppable optimism and self-belief amplified by the divine choir-like chants, driving drums, and uplifting synths. Pulling back the production to let the vocals cut into the heart only furthers the profound emotional hook. The final shockwave mixes scuttering tones, warbling atonal accents, incredible chanting harmonies, and ethereal melodies for an out-of-body experience. Serving as a swan song, Xavi crafts a cinematic masterpiece that imbues a pure sense of hope and light.

Xavi speaks to the importance of the finale, saying, “This track has been in development for almost four years. It’s easily the track I’ve poured the most time into, ever, by far, and it represents my feelings on the music industry in general. I’m so glad to finally get to share this track with you, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Chicago-based Xavi has been impressing fans with his emotional electronic approach and astonishing range, blending elements of melodic dubstep, electronica, trap, melodic bass, ambient and experimental pop. Xavi was named an ‘Artist to Watch’ in 2022 by Dancing Astronaut and has recently seen radio support from Illenium and Alison Wonderland. The lead single “Sequel” has also garnered press attention from Canadian Ravers, Modern Neon, Find Your Sounds, The Music Essentials, Beat for Beat, and Loudness.

‘Spitfire’ is an emotional ride through Xavi’s heart and soul, drifting between solemn lows and infallible highs that are built around raw vocals and an ever-changing sonic backdrop.

Xavi’s new EP “Spitfire” is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams.