YG Teams with City of Hawthorne to Expand TeleHealth Van Program

YG, TeleHealth Van, and elected officials from the city of Hawthorne, CA combined to celebrate TeleHealth’s recent contract and fleet expansion with the city. The ribbon-cutting highlights three TeleHealth Vans that will move through the city and offer face-to-face Virtual Meetings, provide mental health screenings and medical insurance submissions, provide local shelters/beds, and offer jail diversion and local food programs.

Partners from Oracle Software, the CEO Behavioral Health Services and community activist Sweet Alice Harris, DCFS Head Shirley Summers, Police Chief Michael Ishii, City Council Member Angie Reyes English and TeleHealth Van Owners Dion Rambo, joined YG at the event.

The City of Hawthorne is officially partnering with the Telehealth Van’s 5G virtual meeting vans program to provide free Mental Health Screenings, Medical Insurance Filings, Homeless Shelters and Diversion programs support to the residents of Hawthorne, primarily the low income or those unhoused.

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