Australian Sensation Rich Delinquent Strikes Again with Cyberpunk-Infused ‘Here’s To Dystopia’

Celebrated by leading music platforms like Euphoria, Elevator, and Earmilk, Australian pop innovator Rich Delinquent brings a fresh wave to the genre with his emotronic sound and cyberpunk flair. His new EP, ‘Here’s To Dystopia,’ blends compelling narratives with immersive soundscapes, along with so much more.

Opening with the evocative “Here’s To Dystopia” featuring Riley, the EP dives headfirst into the turmoil of societal disappointment and the pharmaceutical industry’s darker aspects. This track boldly sets the stage, showcasing Rich Delinquent’s willingness to confront and dissect complex issues through his music.

The EP’s journey continues with “Speak Up,” in collaboration with Emmy Mack from Redhook, and “Chica Diablo,” featuring 12am. These tracks underline Rich Delinquent’s adeptness at weaving emotional resonance with addictive melodies, illustrating the depth of human emotions in a manner that distinguishes him in the pop arena.

Concluding with “Where’s the Exit,” alongside Lakelend, the EP explores themes of love and desire, encapsulated within an irresistible pop melody. This closing track, together with the entire EP, highlights Rich Delinquent’s exceptional talent for merging evocative storytelling with melodious allure.

With ‘Here’s To Dystopia,’ Rich Delinquent not only affirms his unique position within the emotronic scene but also signals his ongoing evolution as an artist. This guy is going places, see what he does next.