Black V Neck & Afrojack Tackle Imaginative House Track ‘Oral Music’

“Oral Music,” transmits listeners to a special place which is epic and all-it’s own thanks to two talented names in the music industry. Black V Neck are back yet again with the world renowned Afrojack, putting their all into the release of “Oral Music.” Bouncy, punchy, and a clever journey from start to finish, the smooth tech-infused single uses a cut up vocal and fantastic arrangement to bring about a instrumental single with a different edge.

Black V Neck are no strangers to bringing bangers to the masses. They boast over 800K+ monthly listeners on Spotify and have many millions of releases to their name. Songs like “Tego,” and “To The Floor,” are great representations as to why they continue to be invited back to festivals and boast a strong, loyal audience.

Ian and Julian are the type of guys that go above and beyond when it comes to what to expect from their music. They radiate an aura where if feels like they care on a deeper level for their fans and the end experience that they leave with them.

Be apart of the Black V Neck movement, check out the track below, and get to know these two fellas who are absolutely killing the game.