Coolthekid Officially Reveals ‘COOLAID’ Which Signifies The Start Of Something Great

Australia-based artist coolthekid has now revealed “COOLAID,” a project that symbolizes over a decade of musical evolution. This release intertwines dynamic synths, electric guitar swells, and introspective lyrics, offering a narrative that delves deep into the artist’s inner turmoil and reflections. At the core of “COOLAID” is coolthekid’s struggle with the fear of becoming irrelevant and the challenges of aging, themes that have significantly influenced the album’s direction, leading to a creation that is both genuine and profound.

The six-track EP, highlighted by coolthekid’s first single of 2024, signifies a crucial period of maturity for the artist, showcasing his development and artistic journey. Reflecting on the EP’s inspiration, coolthekid remarks, “The song came out of a time in my life where I’d been shelved by a label, feeling frustrated with the whole situation. Although the concept initially stemmed from that experience, the song now serves as a reminder and warning of how a relationship built on sacrificing your well-being for the approval of others can lead to disaster.”

The title “COOLAID” refers to a historically significant event, echoing themes of misguided affection leading to sorrow. The lyrics, particularly the line “it’s a good life in the city,” express coolthekid’s regrets over compromising his health for his career and personal relationships, a feeling that resonates widely. Drawing on influences from Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar, notably the “Black Panther” album, coolthekid’s “COOLAID” is a conglomeration of his values, ideas, and creativity .