Isaac Palmer & BEAUZ Are A Match Made In Heaven With ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’

In a striking display of electronic music innovation, 23-year-old Isaac Palmer has teamed up with the renowned duo Beauz for a hyper techno rendition of Kylie Minogue’s iconic hit, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” featuring the alluring vocals of AINA. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Palmer’s burgeoning career, showcasing his bold approach to music production and his ability to rejuvenate classic tracks with a contemporary twist.

The new version of “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” fuses Palmer’s fresh techno sensibilities with the established power of Beauz, known for their recent collaboration with Zedd and Maren Morris. AINA’s vocal talent adds an extra layer of depth, making the track not only a homage to the original but also a standout piece in its own right. The result is a darker, more underground interpretation of Minogue’s pop anthem, filled with pulsating moments and smooth rhythms that breathe new life into the classic tune.

Isaac Palmer shares his inspiration for the track, saying, “I had the idea for this song last summer in Europe during my shows. I envisioned a techno version of ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ for my live sets. When I sent the concept to Beauz, they instantly connected with it. We experimented with various versions until we found the perfect one. Aina’s incredible vocals completed the track. This is my most challenging release to date, and I’m eager for everyone to experience it.”

Palmer’s ascent in the electronic music world has been remarkable. In 2023, he captivated audiences with over 2 million streams and viral hits like “Faded” and “Going Numb.” His dynamic stage presence has been felt at major festivals and a successful tour across college campuses. Internationally, Palmer has left his mark from Greece to Germany, solidifying his status as an emerging force in the industry.

Beauz, too, has achieved significant acclaim, blending unique sounds to captivate a global audience. Their viral presence on social media platforms, especially Instagram, propelled them into the DJMAG TOP100, ranking at #50. With a full schedule and festival appearances planned for 2024, Beauz is set to redefine the current trends in music.

This collaboration between Isaac Palmer and Beauz represents a perfect blend of new talent and established skill – their joint effort on this track is a reinvention of a beloved song and a forward-looking step to more work between them.