Tech House Takes a Futuristic Turn with On Deck and Jazmin Dexx’s ‘Hypnotic’

“Hypnotic” by On Deck and Jazmin Dexx is a tech house track that redefines the boundaries of the genre. With a tempo that drives energy through the roof and a sound that dives deep into the essence of tech house, this song crafts an immersive experience. It’s as if it transports listeners into a future realm, while perfectly fitting the vibe of any high-energy club night. The song’s true genius lies in the nuanced layers of sound, inviting listeners to discover something new with every listen.

On Deck, known for his eclectic taste and deep roots in the electronic scene as the former host of Audio Foreplay on Insomniac Radio, brings a wealth of experience to this collaboration. His leadership at Night Moves Music and role in A&R at Brooklyn Fire Label, coupled with his involvement with major labels like Universal Music Group and Insomniac Records, marks him as a visionary in the field.

Jazmin Dexx, carving her path in the bustling Los Angeles scene, has become synonymous with compelling tech house beats. Her meteoric rise, highlighted by her unforgettable set at Night Trip and the success of her track “Stimulation,” showcases her ability to capture the energy of the dance floor.

As they move forward, the anticipation for what’s next from these artists is palpable. With “Hypnotic,” On Deck and Jazmin Dexx not only deliver a track that’s bound to become a staple in the playlists of tech house aficionados but also hint at the exciting future of electronic music.