David Paul’s With Smith & Sorren Make Tech House Shine In ‘A Good Thang’

“A Good Thang,” their latest release, is a banger. Bette Midler’s vocals enchant, drawing you in immediately. The basslines pound with a four-on-the-floor rhythm that’s irresistible, while the percussion weaves a hypnotic spell. It’s seamless, and DJs are going to go wild for it. This track is set to conquer clubs everywhere.

David Paul, hailing from Orange County and with roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, channels a rich legacy of musical passion. Influenced by his musically inclined parents, his journey into electronic genres reflects a deep love and unique production style. Smith & Sorren, emerging from New York City, are riding a wave of momentum. Their transformative performance at Hood Politics MMW sparked pivotal industry connections, marking a new chapter in their career.

Smith & Sorren are making major waves, featured on Spotify playlists like Housewerk and Friday Crate Diggers. They’ve got the backing of David Guetta, Diplo, and The Chainsmokers. Their remix of Eliza Rose’s “Baddest Of Them All” hit SiriusXM Diplo’s Revolution, and their impressive Beatport track record speaks volumes. David Paul’s releases on Desert Hearts and blaah! highlight his talent. Follow these 3 as these names continue to push the genre froward, share more song gems with the masses, and live out their dreams.