Dea Magna’s ‘OKANO EP’ Unleashes a Powerful Hard Techno / Hardstyle Experience

Dea Magna’s latest work is not for the faint of heart. The OKANO EP by Dea Magna kicks off with “Okano,” a powerhouse track featuring a Hard Techno vibe. The pounding basslines and Serbian-spoken vocals make it truly unforgettable. The arpeggiated trance lead at the drop catapults you into an intense musical journey.

“Hardcore Love” keeps the momentum going, blending Hard Techno with Hardstyle. Dea’s commanding vocals dominate the track until the sudden drop hits, plunging listeners into a pulsating rhythm that’s hard to resist.

“Rave Paradise” takes a nostalgic turn, channeling nineties Eurodance within a Hard Techno framework. This all-instrumental track serves as a breather amidst the EP’s relentless energy.

Finally, “Hardstyle Jungle” cranks up the intensity. This track is pure hardstyle, with a masculine vocal adding depth to the relentless beats. At over four minutes, it encapsulates the raw power of the EP.

Dea Magna, a techno DJ-producer from LA, has gone above and beyond with her unique blend of Industrial Techno, Psy Trance, and Hard Dance within this EP. Her tracks, signed to labels like Filth On Acid and Virgin Records, have earned her spots on top Spotify playlists and stages worldwide. From performing at Exchange LA to gaining support from legends like Tiësto and EDX, Dea Magna’s career is on the upswing to say the least.